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Who We Are

Understanding. Unwavering.

There are people among us who struggle more than most. The challenges they experience may affect their mental health, lead to self-neglect, addiction and crime. Facing prejudice and rejection, such people are excluded from society, which worsens their plight.

But they are still people. People who respond positively to friendship and compassion. We believe all people deserve to belong. And belonging fosters a healthier society.

We’ve encouraged social inclusion, and addressed factors contributing to crime, since 1957, giving released prisoners guidance with kindness and paths to acceptance. We now help other marginalised, at-risk groups.
Our dedicated team promotes belonging among at-risk people through our practical services: Social Rehabilitation, Mental Wellness, Competency Development, Community Education, Cultural Inclusion, and Community Connection.

We’re SideBySide with excluded people, offering understanding and unwavering support so they can belong.